A popular Orange County bakery has closed it's doors.

We reported recently that Emporium Square Artisan Market in Middletown is closing its doors. And many businesses that are located at the market are thankfully finding new homes. Gold Star Chimney Cakes, an authentic European bakery opened the Emporium Square Artisan Market in August of 2020 and built a loyal following selling the authentic European pastry. Chimney cakes are known for their shape, sweetness, and deliciousness. They can be enjoyed alone, with coffee/tea, filled with ice cream, Nutella, fruit, and more according to the Gold Star Chimney Cakes website. Sadly, Gold Star Chimney Cakes will be no more and you'll have to find another way to get those tasty cakes. But the owners have opened a new business. The Diplomat Cafe opened over this past weekend in Goshen.

The Diplomat Cafe is a European cafe open Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 am to 6 pm according to the business Facebook page. Barbara Martinez of Emporium Square Artisan Market took to social media to congratulate The Diplomat Cafe on their new adventure. Goshen area residents are excited about having a new cafe in the area and have been posting to social media, wishing the new business luck and talk about how great it is to have a new cafe in the area.

Wishing Diplomat Cafe much success in Goshen! If you happen to be in the area, be sure to stop by and support this new small business.

Former Brewster Bar Now a Popular Gourmet Bakery Called 'General Bakeshop'

Back in April of 2021, I noticed some signs of life in a building I, and so many other Brewster people are familiar with. Construction was underway at a former bar known as “Norm’s.” Right around that time, I wrote an article about the bar’s history and looked forward to see what would come of the space. The building recently began it’s new chapter and I had to go down and check out the new General Bakeshop to see how the work came out and how the food was. 

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