This isn't your average popsicle stand. It's pure ice cream heaven. This could be the biggest cone in New York State. It's 16-inches and a bargain at only $4.95. Could you finish it?

Every now and then, a photo will stop you in your tracks on Facebook, and that's what happened to me when I saw this absolutely huge ice cream cone. I was like, "where is this?" So I want to go, not just to try one, but to watch other customers attempt to maneuver around it and eat it.

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Speaking of eating it, how would you? From the top? It seems like it would tip over with too much licking. Also, how do you keep up with the melt factor? I have many, many questions.

You can find this insanely huge cone for sale at the Cobleskill Diner, about an hour away from Utica. The owner of the ice cream shop portion of the diner is Kyle McLaughlin and his wife, Kaitlyn. Kyle was nice enough to answer some of our silly questions.

How much is an ice cream cone that size?

"Hahaha, we only charge $4.95 for our 16-inch large cone of vanilla, chocolate, or twist."

 Does it take special training to make it?

"To successfully make a cone of that size, you need a little practice, but our new employees can make them in just a couple of weeks."

How much ice cream is that?

"I haven't really weighed it out, but it's at least a half-gallon if not more."

Do you have an ongoing contest or gift for the person who can eat the entire cone in one setting?

"No, we don't do a contest with that size because we have a few regulars who order it and finish it in one sitting. LOL.  We also have killer "belly busters." It's 3 towers of ice cream. Haha, not of that size though.... but still pretty Big. our "small" is the size of EVERYONES large."

If you're ever out in Schoharie County you should give it a try and make sure you take pictures to send to us. The Cobleskill Diner is about 10 minutes away from Secret and Howe Caverns. They're located at 117 Granite Dr, Cobleskill, NY.

Diner Serves Larger Than Life Ice Cream Cone

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