A sign declaring Popeye's love of everything chicken isn't welcome in the Town of Wappinger.

We reported back in November that Popeye's has submitted a plan with the Town of Wappinger to build a new location on Route 9. The fast food restaurant will be constructed around the footprint of the former Romanelli's Pizzeria in front of Hannaford. The Popeye's is one of three that are being constructed in the Hudson Valley, with possibly more on the way.

As the approval process moves along with the Town of Wappinger changes and refinements are being made to the original plan. While most of it is boring stuff that has to do with the brightness of lights and parking spaces we noticed one change that is kind of a bummer.

According to notes made by the planning board, Popeye's will not be permitted to erect a mural that reads "Love That Chicken." The acrylic sign was supposed to be over 65 square feet and plastered on the side of the new building.

Town of Wappinger
Town of Wappinger

Local codes, however, won't permit the slogan from appearing on the restaurant. Currently, the law allows for “not more than one sign per retail or business outlet, affixed and parallel to the outer wall of the structure."

Questions arose about the signage because Popeye's is proposing a wall-mounted sign on the front of the building facing Route 9 as well as two “building seals" on either side. Those have been approved, but the additional "Love That Chicken" sign has been officially nixed.

While Wappingers won't get the full Popeye's design experience, residents are excited to finally get those spicy chicken sandwiches close to home. It's unclear when construction will begin, but it looks like approvals are moving along to the final stages. Stay tuned.

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