You hear so much about allergies these days, and the potential risks something as simple as peanut butter can pose to those who are allergic. It seems more and more people are suffering from dangerous allergies that can put their lives at risk.

The Epinephrine auto injector device (or, EpiPen) is a instrument used for injecting a dose of adrenaline for those suffering from anaphylactic symptoms. WROC says that currently, under NY state law, those working as EMTs, to children camp employees, public and private school employees, youth sports coaches, and bus drivers are all allowed to administer an EpiPen.

Notice, however, we didn't say law enforcement. Right now, police can carry a first aid kit, Narcan, and a defibrillator, but not an EpiPen?

Well, Senator Jim Tedisco from Schenectady wants to change that. However, he isn't about to force every cop in the state to carry one. 

I want to leave it up to them right now because they have a lot of duties and a lot of responsibilities. I think if they want to take up this responsibility, it's going to help public safety.

Considering police are often the first on site to respond, having cops carrying Epipens to administer aide to those suffering bee stings, food allergies, or other sorts of shock might be a very good idea.

Some other states, such as Pennsylvania and Ohio, have already allowed officers to carry the injectors