You've heard the old saying "Never bring a knife to gunfight."? Well, what about other means of defense, such as a weed eater? Huh? Sounds bizarre, but that's what police say happened in Sandy Township, Pennsylvania Thursday, when a simple traffic dispute turned pretty crazy.

WJAC says the whole thing started at an intersection when two men got into a heated argument. Police say the road rage escalated into a full-on car chase, as the suspect and his driver followed the other man into a Walmart parking lot. 

Police say the man who followed the alleged victim first pulled a knife. That's when police say the second man tried to defend himself with, of all things, a weed eater. Not to be outdone, the first man, who had followed Mr. Weed Wacker to the parking lot to begin with, pulled a gun.

Now knowing he was outgunned, the alleged victim then drove off and dialed 911. Once again, the suspect and his driver chased after him, only this time to be stopped by police on Route 255. WJAC reports that initially police didn't find the pistol on the first man, but he admitted that he had thrown it out the car window. 

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