A scary incident unfolded early Sunday morning, as police say a 37 year-old man was stabbed at least twice. The stabbing happened in Syracuse's North Side, according to officials. Fortunately, the victim is expected to be okay, though it might be a little hard for him to sit down for a while.

Authorities say the victim was stabbed in one of his legs and on his buttocks. Right now there are very few other details available, but police are currently investigating. There also aren't many details on how or why the whole altercation started, or why the New York state man was stabbed in the butt to begin with. Not only could the allegeld butt stabbing have been fatal, but it's also got to quite inconvenient and embarrassing for this poor gentleman to go through.

This might make you think back closer to home in the Hudson Valley, when a Bronx man claims he was shot in the rear end, while walking in Poughkeepsie, causing him to fall and strike his head. Upon x-rays and closer examination, it was determined that there were no bullets lodged in the man's buttocks. Police say the man was "highly intoxicated" at the time. Police also said the victim's story was inconsistent and that he became uncooperative. The night of the phantom butt shot happened in May 2020.

You also may remember a freak occurrence that happened in 2014, when a man shot a deer that was already dead, causing a bullet to hit another man's backside. The Poughkeepsie Journal says the two men were hunting in Stormville, when they came across the dead animal. One of the hunters was loading the dead deer onto a cart, and thought he saw it moving, so he opened fire. This caused the other man to be struck multiple times in the hand and buttocks. Yikes.

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