Now that's a bad Santa.

On Saturday the infamous pub crawl known as SantaCon hit the streets of Manhattan. For those who've been lucky enough to avoid the obnoxious annual event, SantaCon encourages grown men and women to dress up like Santa and travel from bar to bar, making increasingly worse live decisions along the way.

During the day-long event, innocent bystanders are subjected to yelling and swearing Santas as they stumble down the sidewalk to their next drink. It's not uncommon to see jolly old Kris Kringles vomiting in the gutter or getting into fistfights right in the middle of the street.

Metro-North has even banned alcohol on platforms and trains during the city-wide pub crawl, knowing full well that SantaCon leads d to trouble for many of the people dumb enough to participate in it.

This year, there were 50 summonses handed out and two people were arrested by police during SantaCon, and according to Patch, one of them was a Hudson Valley man.  Antonio Smith from New Windsor was accused of punching a 24 year-old-woman in the face. The incident happened at a rooftop bar on Fifth Avenue in Chelsea. The 38-year-old Hudson Valley man was charged with assault by police.