Following a complaint from a town resident, police are warning of a phone scam in Orange County.

On Friday, a Village of Walden resident received a call from what appeared to be the Police Department's phone number (845-778-5595).

The person on the other end of the line, transferred the Walden resident to a "law firm" that advised the resident that the Village of Walden Police Department had a warrant for his arrest.

He was advised that he could clear the matter by paying a fine of $1,000 within the next hour via credit or debit card, and then the remainder ($895) on a payment plan.

These types of scams are growing in popularity. The Walden Police would like residents to remain vigilant, and not be scared by this tactic.

If you received a suspicious phone call similar to this, ask questions and take notes, then immediately contact the police agency that they are purporting to be.  DO NOT PAY ANYTHING OVER THE PHONE OR ELECTRONICALLY