The future may be now.

Could the next pizza you order be delivered by a thirty five pound robot? Maybe not yet here in the Hudson Valley, but in one area of California, robot delivered pizza is already a reality.


The NY Post says that a food delivery app called Doordash is using wheeled robots from a company called Starship Technologies in Redwood City, California to deliver peoples' food orders.

The robot itself is covered in no fewer than nine cameras, which it uses to navigate its way along pavements, and up to your door. It travels at around 6kph, and can carry two to three bags of groceries. While the robot is largely self-driving, its makers describe it as "semi-autonomous".

The Post goes on to say that the robots are adorned with sensors can also detect people, even be able to understand and recognize crosswalk signals and traffic lights.

The robot can also send out a security alert if aside from the person ordering is trying tamper with it.

The new program is also being used in parts of Europe. Of course, this would suck big time for a lot of young people trying to earn some extra money on the delivery route.