An iPhone exchange in Pennsylvania took a turn for the worse, and now police are looking for a suspect carrying a very large but fake dollar bill.

WETN reports that say Alexis Brown wanted to sell her used iPhone 6S for $100 to someone she met online. When the two met, Brown gave the man her old phone in exchange for a roll of bills. But something was awry. When Brown went to count the money, she discovered that something didn't add up. The roll she was given had two $1 bills, one $10 bill and a $1 million bill, according to the Scranton Times-Tribune 

Yes, a one million dollar bill. Of course, the bill was a fake, so Brown told her girlfriend who then went and found the scam artist. WETN reports that when he was confronted by the girlfriend who tried to take back the phone, the suspect reportedly punched her in the face and ran.

Police say the big money baller is between 16 to 20 years old. So, one of the questions now is what does a one million dollar bill even look like? According to Info Please, they don't exist. The largest real bill ever printed by the U.S. mint is the $100,000 bill. The bill carried the face of President Woodrow Wilson.

There are however novelty million dollar bills that are readily available. says that the American Bank Note Company (ABNC) was one of the first companies to sell novelty million dollar bills. Included with the bill is this message:

This unique MILLION DOLLAR BILL is from the Limited Edition of Bills that were printed in serial number sequence and officially issued by the IAM as Collector Series 1988.

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