Good thing they had this guy around!

When a rogue deer recently busted through the front glass door at a Pennsylvania grocery store, one man was ready.

The incident happened around 9:10 p.m. Monday night at the Giant Food Stores in Manchester, PA.

Robert Beck III said he was at the store to pick up some medicine for a cold, when he saw the deer barreling straight for the bakery section. Thats when he knew he had to act.

The NY Daily News says that Beck took the animal by the neck and lead it out of the store.

The put up a fight however, as it kicked Beck in the ribs as it attempted to free itself and head back into the establishment. A couple of other shoppers were bale to help Beck get control of the deer and get it out of the store without anyone getting seriously hurt. One customer threw a sheet over the doe to subdue it.

The animal was seen running off with two other deer. The deer appeared unfazed by the ordeal.