Every so often a movie is set to hit theaters and the world cannot help but want to see what they would look like if they were a character in that movie. Fortunately for the world, the new Peanuts movie has provided us with a way to do that.

Maybe I'm stretching this a bit, maybe not the world, maybe just me. If you have not seen this at all on social media, then here is your shot to create your very own Peanuts character. With a select set of pre-created noses, eyes, shirts, and backgrounds you can create whoever you want.

Maybe someone you're a fan of, like the lovable Robyn Taylor.

Peanutized Robyn
Robyn Taylor created with peanutizeme.com

Or maybe slightly angry radio legend Boris.

Peanutized Boris
Boris created with www.peanutizeme.com

Or even create yourself in the most smashing way possible, minus the great beard.

Peanutized Meat Sandwich
Meat Sandwich created with www.peanutizeme.com

So have some fun and create your own Peanuts character right at peanutizeme.com and share it with the Boris & Robyn Show on the WPDH Facebook page or on Instagram or Twitter with #WPDH

The Peanuts Movie is set to be released November 6.