It's the battle of the classics this weekend in the box office. Hopefully what that means for us movie-goers is the start of a decent movie release season. Which will be top this weekend, the new James Bond flick Spectre or The Peanuts Movie?

Everyone knows the smooth secret agent/lady killer James Bond. Daniel Craig returns for another installment of the series, Spectre. when Bond uncovers a cryptic message from the past he is lead to find the secret organization called Spectre. Of course with Bond the way he is, there will be car chases, explosions, and a lovely new Bond Girl. then while Bond is off saving the day, M deals with the political side trying to keep the secret service afloat. With a rating of only 65% on Rotten Tomatoes this one will still probably top the box office. Critics say it filled with the action we've come to hope for in the best Bond movies and the romance adds quite a bit in this one. Some say Bond Girl Léa Seydoux brings out the best of Craig in the scenes they share.

As for the cartoon and comic strip classic, The Peanuts Movie follows the usual crew as they journey on and epic adventure and of course Snoopy fights is arch rival, the Red Baron. Though the movie is available for viewing in 3D the base of it is still unchanged from the original peanuts characters. There is no new snarkyness like the kids shows of today. With a rating of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes critics are still overall loving the classic peanut charm.

As always check out the trailers below and until next week,we'll MEAT at the movies!