We have a plethora of options that we look to for entertainment purposes today. Whether it's scrolling endlessly through our various social media platforms, falling down a rabbit hole watching video after video on Youtube, or hours of straight binging TV shows, we have seemingly endless entertainment options. However, one entertainment outlet we look to is unique in itself.

Movie Theater
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That unique experience would be a trip to the movie theatre. Countless generations of people have always looked to the movie theatre as "the place to be" for a fun and memorable time whether it be with friends or with family.

That being said, one movie theatre chain, arguably the "king" of movie theaters, AMC, will begin implementing a new pricing plan that may potentially affect your experience the next time you go to the movies.


Recently AMC announced that they will be making changes to the pricing plan that they currently have for buying tickets at their theatres. Pricing for tickets will now be based on where you prefer to sit. This now means that, if you're someone who prefers to sit closer to the silver screen, your ticket will be cheaper than if you sat further back in the theater.

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The new plan is being referred to as the "Sightline Initiative" and will be made up of three tiers...

Value Sightline, Standard Sightline, Preferred Sightline

Value Sightline tickets will be the cheapest tickets available and will be located only in the front row of the theatre. As the name suggests a Standard Sightline ticket will be the same price as a regular movie ticket. In the final tier, Preferred Sighline will cost the most of all available tickets.

Individuals who are members of AMC's  "Stubs A-List" will be able to purchase Preferred Sightline tickets for no extra cost.

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Initial Reaction to Change in Pricing Policy

Overall, I think it would be fair to say that a business changing its policy on anything isn't really that surprising. When it comes to AMC, though they may be at the top of the movie theater mountain, it doesn't mean they are immune to the times. During the pandemic, I personally saw all the local movie theaters in my hometown shut down and though they didn't shut down, the pandemic definitely hurt AMC as a company.

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In addition, when you consider the fact that AMC also has to essentially compete with streaming services today that don't require anyone to even leave their homes to enjoy them, new methods have to be developed in order to continue operating. Also, this concept is not a new concept at all. If you were to go to a sporting event or a concert, the price of your ticket will be different depending on where you sit so in reality that's the exact type of plan AMC is implementing now.

Photo by Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash
Photo by Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash

I for one regardless of the pricing plan will still be going to the movies regardless of this new pricing plan. Like I said before, going to the movies is an experience you can't replicate and it's the feeling of that experience, the cache of it that people enjoy just as much as whatever movie they are seeing. Despite how technology and the availability of entertainment have changed, hopefully, the day never comes when movie theatres become a thing of the past.

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