A 55 year old mother of seven...Eileen Dinino, of Bern Township, Pennsylvania, was serving a two day jail sentence due to her kid's repeated truancy at school. Dinino was about half way into the sentence, being served at the Berks County Jail, when she was found unresponsive in her cell. She was pronounced dead. No foul play is suspected, though a coroner is awaiting toxicology reports.  Now some state legislators are asking why this mother of seven was even in county jail to begin with.

Sen. Judy Schwank (D-Berks County) says...

I cannot understand how someone ends up going to jail. They did not murder someone, they did not steal, they did not commit a felony. How does jail time equate to resolving this particular problem?

School official had filed 55 violations against the mother, as her children missed numerous days in both the Reading and Muhlenberg Townships. Some PA state legislators are calling for fines or community service for parents of repeated truants, rather than actual jail time. Pennsylvania state law currently carries a possible 5 day jail term for each violation.
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