Yuck. Most people will enjoy a hot dog or two during a summer barbecue or baseball game. It's an American tradition. But we live in a world where famous food brands like to experiment by mixing products that don't go together. While popsicles are also a favorite of many during the warmer months, you probably wouldn't want to mix them with hot dogs.

Well, Oscar Mayer went and did it now.

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Get ready to put one these nasty things in your mouths, Hudson Valley.

Hot Dog Flavored Popsicles 

CNN is reporting that Oscar Mayer has unveiled the Cold Dog, which is basically a frozen popsicle that tastes like one of their hot dogs. There's even icing that tastes like yellow mustard on it. This new form of wiener comes with a flavor that is described as "both refreshing and smokey, (with) umami notes". This awful idea came from social media of course, as Oscar Mayer shared their plans for frozen stiff wieners on Instagram to a surprisingly receptive audience.

After the overwhelming fan excitement for our beloved Cold Dog, it was a no-brainer to make this hot dog-inspired frozen pop a reality.

The Cold Pops are available at select Pop Bar locations n New York City. Pop Bar collaborated with Oscar Mayer on the brand new snack.

Want Regular Local Hot Dogs That Aren't Frozen? 

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This Guy Used His Hot Dog as A Straw

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Candles that Smell Like Cheesecake? 

Junior's has been an institution in New York since 1950 when their first restaurant opened in Brooklyn. But the family business goes back even further. Junior's has become world famous for their signature cheesecakes and other desserts. And now, you can bring the scent of Junior's into your home with their first ever line of scented candles. Hey, if you think the idea of cheesecake-scented candles is absurd, there are far worse things you could light up in your house.


Don't Eat Them!

Windobi reports that Junior's has paired up with a New York-based candle company called Literie to release their own scented candle. The first scent is simply called A Slice of Strawberry Cheesecake, which is described as a blend of "berry and cream scent with notes of vanilla, strawberry and cream cheese". It goes for $45 dollars, according to Windobi. Just don't go trying to actually eat one of the candles. The candles are available at literiecandle.com and juniorscheesecake.com. you can also pick one up at one of Junior's three locations in New York City.

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