If you ever dreamt of becoming an astronaut, you'll have your chance see space courtesy of a new promotions from one of America's favorite cookies.

Oreo Cookies were first created and produced by the company that would later become Nabisco in 1912 in Chelsea, New York City. Oreo would become the top-selling cookie brand in the U.S. and, as of 2014, the best-selling cookie around the world.

Now, Oreo's latest new flavor will give one customer the chance to leave this world and explore the edge of space.

New Oreo Flavor Comes to New York and Everywhere

Penn Live says that the new flavor called the Oreo Space Dunk, will mark the first time in history that an Oreo has had a small cut out in the cookie. The sandwich cookie company describes the new Oreo as "layers of blue and pink ‘cosmic creme’ with marshmallowy flavor, and popping candies"

For those more adventurous types, Penn Live says that you can scan a QR code on the package to enter the Lift Off with Oreo sweepstakes for “a chance to embark on a transformative six-hour journey to the edge of space in Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune. 

Spaceship Perspective's website describes what they do as "the most accessible, most sustainable, and safest spacecraft on or above Planet Earth." Oreo says the winner's journey to space will allow them “safely enjoy unprecedented views of planet Earth with no special training required, no weightlessness and no heavy g-forces."

The Oreo Space Dunk will be available in stores starting January 29 for a limited time.

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