A Hudson Valley Taco Bell restaurant has gone through an amazing transformation.

If you're making a run for the border in Dutchess County, you might want to head towards the newly reopened Taco Bell on Route 9 in Fishkill. The store recently went through a major renovation that has made the restaurant almost unrecognizable.

Many of the fast food restaurants in the Hudson Valley are in desperate need of updating. Architecture and decor from the 1980s can be seen at quite a few local eateries. That's why we're so excited that this Taco Bell has finally stepped into the 2010's.

The interior of the building has been completely redesigned to reflect a more modern design. Recessed lighting and a new, open floor plan gives the restaurant a more inviting feel. The clean, blue tile backsplash and carefully designed tables and chairs also make the space seem much larger than it did before.

Robby Gammel

The exterior of the store has also received a major face lift. Gone are the old adobe styled archways and curved windows. Large glass doors and windows let lots of natural light pour into the restaurant. The new building also replaces those tired pink, purple and yellow highlights with steel and other natural accents.

Google Maps/Robby Gammel

What do you think about the newly redesigned Taco Bell? Are there other fast food restaurants that you'd also like to see undergo a major facelift like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.