In one of the more grim and disturbing stories we've heard in a while, an out-of-state man has been charged with a horrific crime after officials were called to reports of fires being set inside a gas station early Tuesday. CBS says when members of the Sheriff's Office arrived, they found two suspects who were detained. Law enforcement also happen to find a 1-year-old who was covered in flammable liquid at the scene.

CBS says that the Seneca County Sheriff's Office determined after an investigation that the suspects tried to light the baby on fire. As if that wasn't bad enough, a 4-year-old suffering from head injuries was found in the cab of a tractor-trailer. Not too much is known about the circumstances that lead to this nearly tragic scene, though officials say both children are luckily expected to recover from their injuries.

CBS says the 4-year-old was airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital.


The 29-year-old suspect, from West Palm Beach, Florida, has been charged with with second-degree aggravated attempted murder, second-degree attempted murder, and a number of other charges. The Seneca County Sheriff's Office had this to say:

It hits home for those that have children....

But no doubt, these cases take a toll, and are difficult and challenging to work.

CBS says the second suspect will face charges soon as well.


Other News From Across the State 

A Greene County man, who police say was driving at nearly three times the legal limit, caused quite a ruckus on the road over in late April. Officials say the 30-year-old suspect was driving while highly intoxicated when he tried to pass a vehicle in front of him in a no-passing zone. This set off a chain reaction of events, as the suspect sideswiped the other vehicle as he passed, knocking the other driver into oncoming traffic.

Police say the suspect racked up quite an impressive amount of tickets from this one incident.

Police say the accident happened during the early afternoon in the Town of Saugerties. Police also say they responded to a call on Route 212 that the suspect had hit the other vehicle and then drove off. Police later found the Catskill man heading eastbound on Ulster Avenue. From there, he was stopped and issued a whopping 26 tickets.

Officials say he is being charged with DWI, Aggravated DWI, Leaving the scene of a PDAA, and a number of other violations. Saugerties Police said in a press release that the suspect submitted to a chemical test which established his BAC to be .23%.

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