One might say this story is...the G.O.A.T (I know it's lame to explain your jokes, but just for the sake of understanding it means Greatest of All Time).

We've had some pretty wild weather recently in and around the Hudson Valley. From hot to cold, snow flurries to warmer days it has been a rollercoaster of weather emotions.

Last week we got hit with some pretty crazy wind storms that left debris scattered around roads through the Hudson Valley and surrounding counties. Now, when this happens the dedicated men and women of the New York State Department of Transportation head out to do a little bit of clean up.

The DOT team in Columbia County not only cleaned up a ton of debris, but they also saved a few lives in the process.

According to the New York State Department of Transportation Facebook page, on November 16th DOT maintenance workers Bill Quinn and Nate Clum were cleaning up debris along Route 203 in Columbia County when they came across a few goats.

Not exactly what the guys were expecting when heading out to work that day I'm sure, but apparently the goats escaped from a nearby pasture.

Quinn and Clum safely detangled the little guys from where they were found and returned them to a very happy farmer. Great work, gentlemen!

There's something about animals in the Hudson Valley this week. If you missed it, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree was housing a small owl who is now currently rehabbing in Saugerties at the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center. 


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