In a week where we lost yet another one of our favorite rockers.....and not to mention we watched in horror as a psychopath gunned down fifty nine innocent concert goers in Las Vegas...we have this.

The NY Daily News is reporting that a woman from New York City has filed a lawsuit against the Chicago based Tootsie Roll Industries claiming that Junior Mints purposely tricked it's consumers into spending too much on candy boxes with not enough candy inside.

Yeah, this really happened. The 36-page (WTF) class-action suit stated:

The size of the product's boxes in comparison to the volume of the candy contained therein makes it appear to plaintiff and class members that they are buying more than what is actually being sold.

Plaintiff and class members are denied the benefit of their bargain because they pay for full boxes of the product but actually receive far less.

According to LoHud, the stupid crybaby bought a 3.5 ounce package of Junior Mints at a Duane Reade on 125th Street on September 23 for $1.49. The Manhattan woman says the candy box "contained approximately 40 percent non-functional slack-fill.". She also stated that other candy boxes like Milk Duds have more candy in them.

No word from any publication if the woman simply didn't have another dollar and forty nine cents to to spend on another box of Junior Mints if she was so hungry.

Tootsie Roll Industries has not responded to the absurd claims as of yet.