We've heard of therapy dogs for those with special needs but this is ridiculous.

But yes, it really happened at Newark Liberty International Airport Sunday. ABC News reports that a New York City photographer tried to bring their "emotional support peacock" aboard the Los Angeles bound flight.

That's an awful long flight for anyone to have sit in such close proximity of a giant bird.

The artist goes by the name of Ventiko, and reports do not indicate why the woman chose such an unorthodox pet to provide her with safe comfort....or whatever the heck she needed from a bird.

A spokeswoman from United airlines says the peacock peacock didn't meet guidelines for several reasons, You think?

Apparently the bird's name is Dexter, and according to his Instagram (yeah, he has an Instagram), he plans on heading to L.A. by car with his human friends.

This Ventiko person also list themselves as a performance artist, so this could have been some sort of YouTube stunt for all we know.