With nights growing colder, and the Sun setting much earlier during the day, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officials have ramped up their efforts to make sure residents across the state are safe.

But accidents and unexpected mishaps can still happen, even for experienced outdoors types.

New York Department of Environmental Conservation Statistics 

In 2022 alone, the Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers conducted 359 search and rescue missions, extinguished 162 wildfires covering more than 1,300 acres, participated in 53 prescribed fires that served to rejuvenate nearly 900 acres of land, ,according to their website. 

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In recent weeks, DEC officials said they have located and rescued several people in need of help.

New York DEC Locates Disoriented Hiker in Need of Assistance 

The New York State DEC says that a Forest Ranger heard a radio call from the Summitville Fire Department about a hiker who was dizzy and vomiting on a trail on Roosa Gap State Forest, the afternoon of October 13.

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Summitville Fire and Mamakating EMS reached the patient, and secured the 50-year-old from Pennsylvania in a litter. The DEC says the Ranger assisted with the carry-out, which included a rope system for steep areas with loose terrain.


The DEC says the the subject was transported to the hospital later that afternoon.

DEC Finds Missing Vulnerable Adult in Columbia County 

The DEC says that a Forest Ranger overheard Columbia County radio traffic call about a missing vulnerable adult in a wooded area October 15.

New York State Police responded to the call for help with a bloodhound and a drone.

Eli Wilson
Eli Wilson

DEC Rangers joined the search for the 78-year-old missing person, who is from Ghent. The DEC says they finally found the lost resident that night after hearing a faint call for help.

The subject, who was exhausted and had minor scrapes and bruises, and was turned over to Greenport Rescue for transport to the hospital for further evaluation.

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