If you're a musician and live in the Hudson Valley, chances are you've bought an instrument or equipment from Bill Imperial.

The Hudson Valley is home to hundreds of local bands. Some are great, others are good and the rest, well.. they're having fun. But regardless of their talent level, the Hudson Valley music scene has grown throughout the years thanks to the support of family, friends and people like Bill Imperial.

Bill Imperial's Long Hudson Valley Career

In 1976 Blue Oyster Cult released "Don't Fear the Reaper", Thin Lizzy was letting everyone know that "The Boys are Back in Town" and the Doobie Brothers were "Takin' It to the Streets". At the same time, Bill Imperial opened up a small shop named Rainbow Music. The store became a favorite of musicians who would travel from near and far to the shop in the Poughkeepsie Plaza Mall.

Imperial Guitar & Soundworks
Imperial Guitar & Soundworks

In the 1990s, Bill opened Imperial Guitar & Soundworks in Newburgh after expanding the focus of his business from new, used and vintage instruments to amps, effects, accessories, repair and more. The full-service music store eventually moved to New Paltz, where it now readies for its final sale.

Imperial Guitar & Soundworks in New Paltz, New York to Close

Bill Imperial has announced that he is retiring after almost five decades. Imperial Guitar & Soundworks is currently liquidating its inventory and preparing to close the doors to its store just off Main Street in New Paltz.

While this is the end of Imperial Guitar & Soundworks' brick-and-mortar location, Bill insists that the business will continue in his "semi-retirement". The business' website and phone number will continue to function and Bill will still pursue his passion of selling and buying used and vintage guitars. The company will also continue to offer audio design and installations and provide audio, video and lighting services for the community.

Newburgh, New Paltz, Poughkeepsie
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Kevin McMahon, the company's technician and owner of Marcata Recording in New Paltz, will also remain available for repairs. Information on how to reach him, as well as details on the store's liquidation sale, can be found here.

An official closing date has not been announced, but Imperial says that any equipment not sold before the store's final day of operation will be sent to Jake's Main Street Music in Beacon.

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