You may remember in 2016 when the Staten Island Yankees of the Class-A Penn League held a fan vote to rename the team. And yes, the overwhelming majority of fans voted to change the name to the Staten Island Pizza Rats.

The team decided to stick with the Yankees, until now. Yes, the Pizza Rats are coming. However, if you were hoping for a permanent rebranding then you may be a bit disappointed.

ABC NY is reporting that the Yankees affiliate will use the moniker "Pizza Rats" for five Saturday home games this season as part of a fan promotion.

According to ABC, they'll even have the team wear special uniforms and have giveaways for the fans during Pizza Rat games.

If the Staten Island team sounds familiar, then they should if you're a Renegades fan. The Yankees and the defending champion Hudson Valley Renegades are both part of the NY Penn League.

However, it looks like the Gades will escape Pizza Rat nights as they won't face Staten Island this season for any Saturday games at Richmond County Ballpark.