In an incident that police are calling "no accident" a New York state man has been arrested in what could have been a tragic day for a number of residents. WNYT says that paramedics were called on scene last week to find the man lying on the floor of his own home. Officials say he didn't want to leave and refused to comply, so paramedics assisted him out by carrying him. Luckily, no other people nearby suffered any injuries that day.

But what was going on here?

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Gas Leak

The Albany County Sheriff says that the 57-year-old Voorheesville man had intentionally cut the gas line to his dryer. The cut caused his home and seven other nearby homes on the road to fill up with noxious gas. The gas forced fourteen people from the homes, according to WNYT. The sheriff goes on to say that this could have been a "mass casualty incident", though residents were eventually allowed back to their homes.. The suspect was taken to the hospital and evaluated for mental health issues.

Police say he is being charged with seven misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment. It is not known what lead the suspect to allegedly cut the line to begin with.

Other Gas Leak

Kids fighting at school is nothing new. However, one Staten Island student found out the hard way back in 2015 that breaking wind right in someone's face is not the thing to do. The then-15-year-old boy received eight stitches during a classroom fight after he ripped ass in front of a 17-year-old classmate. The classmate proceeded to hit the bot with her fists 10 to 15 times before reportedly beating him with a metal stool. Ouch.


NY Magazine's Daily Intelligencer reports that the whole fiasco started after the boy allegedly farted on her. The incident happened at South Richmond High School. The boy was rushed to the Staten Island University Medical Center South and was treated for his injuries.

There is no word if he ver decided to pull such a prank again.

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