When you think of travelling to or through New York, I'm sure your mind automatically goes to Times Square. New York City. The Big Apple. However, a list was recently created by travel blog CheapTickets, of new and up coming travel destinations. New York made the list of course, but the destinations might surprise you.

Living here in the Hudson Valley, we're lucky enough to be close to the Catskills and Woodstock. Known for the legendary 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, Woodstock is stacked with mom and pop shops, art galleries and scenic hiking trails (Kaaterskill Falls). While visiting Woodstock it's recommended that you take a unique photo opportunity. Taking a photo with Grandfather Woodstock is apparently a Woodstock tradition. The story goes he visited in 1969 during the festival and has been there ever since. Clearly, Woodstock is something special.

Woodstock Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of Historic Countercultural Concert
Getty Images/Mario Tama

Another "up-and-coming" town that made the list? Saratoga Springs. We know Saratoga to be famous for awesome concert events at SPAC and, of course, horse racing at Saratoga Raceway. But did you know that Saratoga Springs is named after its mineral springs that are mostly all naturally carbonated? People have been visiting Saratoga for over 200 years. Just like Woodstock, people keep coming back.

New York is one of a kind and once people get over the glitz and glamour of the city and start exploring the Hudson Valley and beyond there likely to find some treasures.