From the Times Union:

Governor Andrew Cuomo has a lot on his agenda. First we heard he wanted to get stretch limos off the roads of New York. Now it appears the Governor wants to ban the public release of mugshots and police booking information, according to the Times Union. 

The move comes as Cuomo proposes his 2020 budget. Cuomo's office says that the release of mugshots, that are often displayed on internet websites which then charge large fees to have them removed, brings an "unwanted invasion of personal privacy". The Times Union says the Governor would amend New York's Freedom of Information Law. 

This could protect those who are later found not guilty or charges were later dropped.

The proposal is drawing mixed reactions. A spokesperson for the Governor says:

The intent of our proposal is to help curtail an unethical practice that amounts to extortion of formerly incarcerated individuals.

Another argument in favor of banning the public information is the negative effects mugshots can have on a person searching for employment or maybe even pursuing relationships.

Others argue against the ban, saying it could hide connected individuals, especially those with political ties, and also cover the arrests of murderers and pedophiles. One part of the legislation, however, would not offer anonymity to individuals who may be fugitives. This way police can still ask for the public's help when trying find these potential suspects.

What are your thoughts? Good idea, or not? This could mean a few (or maybe more than a few) of our posts here at might be disappearing. Whoops.