If you need a break from all the bad news, then maybe this will interest you...especially if you're a dog lover.

The NY Daily News says that retail giant Amazon is now offering over 350,000 audiobooks just for your dog. Why? Well, according to the website, three out of four dog owners noted a positive change in their dogs behavior after playing an Audible book for their dog.

The promotion is a collaboration with dog behavior specialist, Ceaser Milan.

So, basically this is supposed to help if your dog has anxiety or behavioral issues. Ceaser says that it's probably best for your dog if the person reading the audiobook has a voice like the owner. Some of the audiobooks are narrated by Milan himself, while other well known classics are available; like Winnie the Pooh or Marry Poppins.

Whether or not this really works remains to be seen. You can try downloading one these books and perhaps it will save your family couch or carpet from imminent destruction, courtesy of your own pooch.


At the very least, it's a brief pause (no pun intended) from all the politics.