A concrete divider got the last laugh after an idiot driver attempted to cut off a school bus.

Talk about karma, or Car-ma if you will.

An impatient driver in the Albany area got hung up trying to pass a school bus on the right hand side. A dash cam caught every second of the bonehead move and the driver's realization that he may be one of the worst drivers in the Hudson Valley.

While it's kind of rewarding to see one of these aggressive drivers get what they deserve, it's also unnerving to realize that this could have ended much worse. According to News 10, there were three children on the school bus at the time of the accident. If the BMW driver was just a little faster or kept his passenger side wheels off of the divider there's no knowing how bad this could have been.

Besides a bruised ego and a banged up Beemer, the aggressive driver also received a ticket from police for unsafe passing.