Have you been racking up the speeding tickets lately? Do you ever drive recklessly? Drive while drowsy?

So what's the deal?

Should you just blame all your bad driving habits on your parents? Well, a new French study says perhaps you should.

According to the Ipsos study conducted for a foundation of the Vinci autoroute group, parental influence surpasses that of a driving instructor on their children. The study also says young drivers are more likely to pick up their bad road habits from dad.

The group interviewed 993 motorists. They found that 75% of motorists who admitted to bouts of road rage said their parents often lost their cool behind the wheel. The study also found that 77% of those who admitted to speeding said their parents where also heavy on the gas pedal.

There are more statistics.

72% of drivers who said they don’t always stop for others crossing the road, 71% who drove while drowsy, and over half who said they've driven while intoxicated said they too picked up their bad habits from dear old mom and dad.

Basically, parents influence their kids, whether it be good or bad. A lot of this is just common sense.

Please drive safe.