Newburgh residents are now being advised that the water is safe to drink, following a boil water advisory was issued due to chlorine levels.

I can't think of a point in my life where I had to go through a boil water advisory, so I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to this type of thing. I don't drink tap water in my house, as we buy bottles or jugs of spring water. My tap water tastes, fine, but I just prefer spring water. That being said, and unnfortunately, the residents in Newburgh have been dealing with a water issue all week long.

On March 1, the Town of Newburgh issued a boil water advisory for customers of the Newburgh Consolidated Water District. Due to an equipment failure at the Chadwick Lake Filtration Plant, Chlorine levels dropped below the required limit for a period of time.

On Friday, March 5, residents were informed that they no longer need to boil water before consumption. The advisory being issued is simply a precautionary measure to allow time to conduct a series of water samples.

The Town of Newburgh has confirmed that two rounds of 15 samples each consecutive day returned with results that satisfied the Orange County Department of Health, which allowed the advisory to be lifted.

I'm happy to see that they were able to solve this problem within a few days for the residents of Newburgh, but I'm sure it was probably so annoying to have to boil your water before consumption all week. Have you've gone through this before or been without water for a period of time? Leave your comments and thoughts.

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