Keeping your employees content is very important when running a business. Factors such as good perks, a supportive environment, opportunities for promotion etc, are just a few things that come into play. But there are also some things that may be beyond your control.

Is your place of work a safe place to be? Is your commute very long and tiresome? If so, is it necessarily worse in New York compared to other states?

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A new study from Wealth of Geeks weighed factors such as income, quit rates, commute duration, working hours, safety, and paid time off, to discover the absolute worst states to work in.

Is New York Not a Great State to Work In?

The website ranked the 24 Most Awful States to Work In, and New York state was fourth overall when it comes to awfulness.

The Big Apple is notorious for its lengthy commute and boasts the most extended duration of 33.5 minutes.

Thirty-three and a half minutes is actually the average for the whole state, says The Center Square. However, Simple Maps digs a bit further, saying that parts of Queens has the longest average commute in the state at over 87 minutes.


How Much Do New Yorkers Make? 

Guess it depends where in the state you live. Residents outside of New York City are generally going to make quite a bit less.

While the average annual income of $52,470 is the third-highest in the country, the state falls behind on safety.

Of course, there's a huge disparity between salaries in New York City, versus the rest of the state.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, the average individual income in New York City is $107,000 (median household income is $67,046, if you factor anyone 16 or older with earnings)

According to ZipRecruiter, workers in New York need to make at least $73,226 annually in order to just get by due to high expenses.


Is New York Safe To Work In?

New York state has a fairly high fatality rate on the job.

With a high injury rate, New York was responsible for 247 fatal injuries in the past year.

Given where many in New York work, this is believable. According to 2021 numbers from Statista, trade, transportation, and the utilities industries employed the second biggest amount of people in the state, at 1.48 million people.

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