"Do I look dead to you?" Ann Mazze just simply wanted everyone to know that she was alive and well. The 94 year-old Levittown woman had actually been declared deceased by officials in Nassau County. You'd think being alive again would be a great thing? Unfortunately, for Anne that wasn't totally the case.

WABC is reporting that when the elderly woman noticed that she had lost several tax exemptions her daughter called the Nassau County Department of Assessment. The conversation that followed must have been quite awkward, as the daughter was told that someone had just assumed her mother was dead. But once being declared alive again, things got even stranger as Mazze said her taxes skyrocketed. A report indicates that her taxes then went from $2,694 a year to $7,921. Her mortgage also went up considerably. Her daughter told officials:

We said we’re paying a lot of additional monies every month to get this satisfied because it’s in our names and basically they didn’t care, they said, ‘Well, this is what we have to do'.

The family says their calls have been ignored. Now, the case is generating a lot of local press  One Nassau County spokesperson told ABC that they were working on a solution, and the situation would be corrected. We can only hope. New York is an expensive enough state to live in.

Now, if she really wants to stick to the system, then maybe she should follow this guy's lead. The NY Post says that an East Meadow man "bought" a house back in 1998, and then made only one payment on it. Fox Business says that the bank foreclosed two years later. However, after four lawsuits, seven filed bankruptcies, and just a big general mess of legal loopholes later, the same man is still living there for free without a care in the world. Is he a hero, or a leech? We can't decide.

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