Imagine being trapped in elevator with no chance of escape. For many, this has got to be one of their greatest fears come true.

The NY Times is reporting that a housekeeper for a couple, who lives on the Upper East Side, got trapped in an elevator Friday night, and was not rescued until late Monday morning. That's almost three full days of being stuck in an enclosed space, with no food or water.

The elevator reportedly got stuck between the second and third floors of the five-story building, which is owned by the couple. Marites Fortaliza, a 53-year-old from Queens, was said to be a bit dehydrated but in stable condition when she was finally rescued and taken to the hospital.

Fortaliza was very lucky, as the owners of the building were out of town all weekend. She also did not have a cell phone with her at the time she was trapped. The Times reports that 911 was called only after someone came to deliver something to the building, but no one was there to answer.

Firefighters were then able to force open the doors of the elevator and free the woman. CBS reports that she was released from the hospital Tuesday.

The New York City Department of Buildings said they are investigating the incident, though they still haven't determined the cause of the elevator's malfunction. One must wonder why the elevator didn't have an emergency button or a phone to call for help?