A trip to Walt Disney World turned out to be not so magical for one New York man. NBC says the 32-year-old had been on the run for almost a year, after he allegedly stole the identities of at least four people from his home in New York. An officer just happen to spot him vacationing at the Happiest place on Earth. Now this fugitive is facing a number of charges.

New York Man's Disney Vacation Is Ruined 

NBC says the 32-year-old Brooklyn man is accused of stealing the identities of multiple individuals in an alleged effort to "fraudulently obtain over one hundred thousand dollars in COVID-19 relief loan applications". His whole plan juts might have worked until he was busted by a federal officer who saw him vacationing Disney World's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

NBC says the officer contacted Disney World security, who then called the Orange County Sheriff's Office. The missing fugitive was arrested after leaving Disney, and was transferred to federal custody.

Jersey Girls Behaving Badly at the Magic Kingdom 

Last year, two sisters from the state of New Jersey gave Disney Springs guests a lot more than they bargained for. A Disney blog called WDWNT says the arrest report even reads like the plot of a Jersey Shore episode. How did a simple family vacation turn into a wild brawl that saw siblings turn on one another and end up embarrassing not only themselves, but everyone around them?


The New York Post says the night started in Disney Springs where the fightings sisters had dinner at a steakhouse, and then hit up an Irish pub for drinks. Must have been quite a few drinks. The Post says when they tried to go back to their hotel, their phone died and a security guard called an Uber to take them home. The Uber driver refused to take them for they were already too drunk, so the guard called them a taxi instead.

Naked Brawl

As the two waited for a taxi, things really started going south. An argument ensued. Court papers say the older sister called the younger one a bad mom and smacked her. The younger sister reportedly threatened to retaliate. By the time the Orlando County Sheriff’s Office arrived, the younger sister was seen screaming and crying, while stripped down to only her underwear and sandals.

After attempting to calm the situation, [the security manager] said one female slapped the other in the face.

It gets even better.

Once separated, both sisters ran at each other, slipped in [the younger sister’s] vomit, then fell into the bushes while still fighting. [The security manager] stated [the younger sister] ran a few feet away and took off her dress, exposing her breasts.

WDWNT says both were arrested for domestic violence, battery, and disorderly intoxication. The security manager who intervened said a cast member helped him separate the two naked sisters, though he did not indicate what cast member, or what sort of costume they might have been wearing (maybe it was Goofy?).


Neither sister wanted the other to be prosecuted, so they are not facing criminal charges. Perhaps, just shame from the fact they were slipping and fighting in their own vomit? No surveillance footage exists of the encounter, according to Disney.

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