The New York Renaissance Faire returns to Tuxedo, NY from August 26th through October 8th for its 46th Anniversary! They will be open on Saturdays, Sundays, and Labor Day! Visit the Ren Faire that was voted #1 in the region over multiple years! Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

The 46th Annual New York Renaissance Faire

2023 marks the 46th Anniversary Celebration of the New York Renaissance Faire, located in Tuxedo, New York. The Faire is a rollicking romp through Elizabethan England, set within the Majestic Groves of  Sterling Forest.

Travel back in time to an age of adventure! Join Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I on a grand visit to a beautiful 16th-century English village. Cheer your favorite knight at the Joust Tournament. Meet Robin Hood and his Merry Band. Feast on savory sweets and tempting treats. See amazing acrobats, magical fairies, swashbuckling pirates, and more! Play a game of skill or chance. Stroll our quaint village as the music of the Renaissance surrounds you. Shop our Marketplace, featuring over 100 Artisans offering the finest in handmade wares.

What to Expect at the Faire

The New York Renaissance Fair features many terrific themed weekends throughout its run, but there are special activities you can expect to see any day you attend!

  • The Storybook Stage: From the magical pages of the Storybook Stage spring wild and wonderful tales, told by peasants, puppets, pirates, and princesses!
  • Human-Powered Rides: Rides Include the Barrel of Bedlam, Camel Rides, The Last Ride, Royal Round-a-Bout, Sea Dragon Swing, Out to Sea with Ships, The Pirate’s Fleet, and The Whirly Burly.
  • Gaming: The Amazing Maze, Axe Throw, Cannon Balls, Chinese Crossbows, Coconut Shy, Defeat the Fleet, Dragonslayer, Gone Fishin’, Knife Throw, Lady Abigail’s Dungeon Museum, Leapin’ Lizards, Load the Pirate’s Cannons, Pluck-a-Duck, Ring Toss, Rotten Revenge, Royal Darts, Shatter-a-Platter, Star Throw, Test for the Chest, Test of Strength, and Test of Strength Jr, and The Tournament of Archery.
  • Eateries: Even picky eaters will enjoy chicken nuggets, quesadillas, burgers, pizza, and watermelon slices. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options, as well as gluten-free choices for those with food sensitivities. Please check with the food booth management in cases of extreme allergy.

Themed Weekends at the New York Renaissance Fair

In September, the Ren Faire will be offering special-themed weekends to enjoy for all those in attendance!

  • September 2nd - 4th: Marketplace Weekend
    • If you spend $250 or more at the faire, you will receive 2 FREE tickets to come back to the faire through September 24th. Bring your receipts to the Information Booth to redeem this offer. All receipts must be for purchases made on the same day, either September 2, 3 or 4, 2023. Tickets must be claimed on the date of your visit, September 2, 3 or 4. Please note, this offer excludes admission, food, beverage, rides and games. Limit 2 tickets per shopper.
  • September 9th - 10th: Time Traveler Weekend
    • No need to limit yourself to the Middle Ages, dress up in your finest time-traveling attire! Celebrate your favorite era with characters of any genre. Come dressed for fantasy, sci-fi, cosplay and more! No matter which century you portray, they’re looking forward to celebrating a leap back (or forward) in time! It is, after all, a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… stuff.
  • September 16th - 17th: Pirate Weekend
    • Just ahead of National Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th, The Renaissance Faire will be celebrating all things pirates! Hoist the mainsails, drop ye anchor, and don your best dress, ye scallywags, for pirates and sailors of all sorts are taking over this weekend! Whether you love to sing sea shanties, have perfected your pirate talk, or just love the beauty of sailing upon the open ocean – this is a weekend for all things nautical, piratical, and fun!

You can buy tickets online by visiting The New York Renaissance Faire Website, but of course, you can win a pair of tickets here! Just enter your information below!