The pictures will stop you right in your tracks...for all good reasons. It seems like shark sightings in the New England area have increased a lot over the past few years. Now it's something that beach lovers have to be mindful of and before each summer season begins, a warning usually goes out to residents with details about what the state is doing to help. The latest warning and information about shark sighting from the NY State Parks & Historic Sites Facebook Page is probably the best one ever (no it IS the best one ever lol) and the post will stay in your head for all good reasons.

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Shark Warning from NY State Parks & Historic Sites:

New York State Parks & Historic Sites Facebook/ Canva
New York State Parks & Historic Sites Facebook/ Canva
loading... surely got my attention.

These guys look like something straight from an Abercrombie & Fitch Ad, but even better they are in my favorite place, the beach. I've read the shark safety information on the post and honestly still can't really tell you what it's about it. I'm just completely mesmerized by the tan, shirtless hunks who seem to be patrolling the beach here and I'm not mad about it at all. What a great way to stop everyone in their tracks and get their attention. The most important question come they are not at any of the beaches I go to?

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Shark Safety in NY:

Okay okay, all jokes aside, I read the post EVEN MORE TIMES  and did finally understand what the post was trying to say. Shark season is upon us and there are some important things the NY State Parks are doing to help:

  • They have doubled their fleet with 10 additional surveillance drones
  • The number of staff who are trained in shark surveillance has increased
  • Additional buffer zones are between swimming areas and fishing areas
  • Yamaha Wave Runners at Jones Beach and Robert Moses State Parks are assigned to shark patrol
  • REMEMBER: to reduce your chances of encountering a shark, avoid the areas of the ocean where schools of fish, diving birds or seals are present.

Enough of that....back to the hunks on the NY State Parks & Historic Sites Facebook. I have full confidence that those two could help anyone. You're welcome. Also, can we have more posts like this? Suddenly I'm very interested in what's going on...

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