It was quite a scene late Sunday morning, as police say a New York state man crashed his vehicle through the front of an AT&T store. But they say he wasn't done there. Officials say the same man was seen inside the store causing damage to property with a baseball bat. We are not sure if the suspect was upset with the company's service or monthly rates, but police say he is now facing multiple charges.

Man Crashes Car Into Phone Store 

CBS says the 29-year-old suspect crashed his black 4 door sedan into the front doors of the store at Mohawk Commons late Sunday morning. Niskayuna Police say they responded to a call of a man inside the store at the time. When they arrived, officials say the suspect was witnessed destroying store property with a baseball bat.

Police say the man from Troy was taken into custody and has been charged with a number of crimes. There is no word yet how much damage his rampage caused.

Man From Friendly, NY Does Something That's Not Very Friendly 

This is probably one of the more ironic headlines in a while. We've explored some of New York state's more uniquely named locations before, and the town of Friendship would certainly make the list.

However, state police say one resident was anything but friendly one night in August after a physical altercation got way out of control. Police say the night ended with the suspect using a sledgehammer to someone's vehicle.

Dmitriy Eremenkov
Dmitriy Eremenkov

Sledgehammer Attack 

WVIB reports that the 34-year-old suspect got into a physical altercation with other residents in the home in Friendship, NY. Police say the fight involved multiple people, though they did not say that the fight was over. Police go on to say that the unfriendly suspect grabbed a gun and began shooting in the general direction of the other people involved. It was sometimes at this point when officials say the suspect took the sledgehammer to the parked vehicle, leading to damage to the property.

WVIB says he is now facing multiple charges.

The town of Friendship is located in Allegheny County, and has a population of a little over 2,000, according to the 2010 Census.

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