It wasn't the best day for one 32-year-old suspect. What started with a simple theft from a local convenience store around noon Sunday, ended with a massive spree of vandalism that saw multiple vehicles being damaged.

What got into this guy?  Police are investigating the matter, though they say the suspect's own sibling couldn't even escape his destructive wrath. Authorities have not indicated whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Perhaps, we're just dealing with a guy with a lot of serious anger issues?

This guy has some problems...

Police say the New York state man stole the items from the convenience store Sunday. After running from authorities after the alleged theft, he was soon caught and arrested. Police say he was also wanted on a warrant in Manlius, NY. Story over, right? Wrong. Even while being arrested he put up a fight, as police say the suspect kicked a police car door, causing damage. He would keep up the bad attitude as he was brought into the Onondaga County Justice Center, by kicking and causing damage to a door in the building, according to police.


But, he wasn't done...

But the real bulk of this man's destructive impulses was about to be unleashed on the city later. After being released, the man first targeted his own sister by smashing the windshield of her car. He then went on to cause damage to local businesses and numerous vehicles on his path of rage, according to Police say he caused damage to at least 45 vehicles on one block alone.

Finally, the man was chased down by police and arrested. He has now been charged with numerous counts of second and third-degree criminal mischief, police said.

Maybe this time they'll keep him locked up for a while?

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