Police say they arrested a New York state man with numerous suspensions on his license recently. Traffic Tickets says that anyone convicted of driving without a valid license in NYS will be charged a fine between $75 and $300. That's also not to mention the mandatory surcharges, a rise in premiums, or even being dropped all together by insurance.

New York State Man Arrested For 26 Suspensions 

WIVB says that a 53-year-old Grand Island man was arrested November 30 after being stopped by a deputy. According to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, the driver of the vehicle had 26 suspensions on his driver’s license and an outstanding warrant from the New York State Police.

WIVB says the suspect is now facing numerous charges.


Twenty-six suspensions may seem like it a lot, but's nothing compared to some other stories. A seemingly routine traffic stop turned into much bigger trouble for one New York state man, according to NBC back in June 2021.

How do People Wrack Up So Many Suspensions?

Police pulled over the 55-year-old Brentwood, NY man late morning after he failed to signal a turn. Upon further investigation, authorities found that the man had 99 suspensions on his license.

Now you may be asking yourself how does one have their license taken away that many times? A police spokeswoman says suspensions happen after the driver fails to pay fines or appear in court to answer charges. So an unpaid summon would lead to another suspension. Just one more, and he'll have reached triple digit suspensions.

Other Crazy Stories

It happens more than you may think. Police say a 22-year-old man from New York City, with one license revocation and 80 suspensions (58 of which were for failing to appear in court), lead them on a wild chase in late 2020. That many suspensions and he's only 22? Wow.

And how about this Pennsylvania man?


Due to multiple violations, his license has been suspended for the next 55 years. He won't be driving until the year 2076, if he's even still alive at that point?

Man Sporting the Colors of Poughkeepsie Area Radio Station Gets Busted 

And of course, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell you about this nice little story. In 2013, a Bay Shore man with 50 suspensions was arrested. No big deal, right? Recognize the shirt he's wearing? Yes, that t-shirt he's wearing is from our very own sister station, WRRV, which is right down the hall. A man all the way from Long Island man sporting some local colors for all to see. We are all very proud.

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