Some people never seem to learn. Could you imagine having over 80 suspensions on your license? This man does, and now he's even in more trouble, according to CBS Albany. He might just want to stay off the road for a while?

Police in North Greenbush say they attempted to pull a man over on Route 43 Saturday afternoon, for a cell phone violation. He apparently wasn't having any of this, as officials say the man took off and lead them on a chase. The pursuit ended when a State Trooper blocked the fleeing vehicle near Hudson Valley Community College, according to CBS. 

Police say the suspect is a 22 year-old New York City man, with one license revocation and 80 suspensions, 58 of which were for failing to appear in court. That many suspensions and he's only 22? Chief David Keevern with the North Greenbush Police kind of understated the situation: 

This is an unusually high number of suspensions.

Yes. Police say the suspect been charged with a number of violations and was released on an appearance ticket and is due back in court.

Now you may be asking yourself how does one have their license taken away that many times? A police spokeswoman says suspensions happen after the driver fails to pay fines or appear in court to answer charges. So an unpaid summon would lead to another suspension.

In 2016, a Brooklyn man was pulled over on I-81 after being clocked going 92 m.p.h. The man had 57 license suspensions, and 20 separate revocations. However, a 21 year-old man from Suffolk County has them both beat. In a 2017 article, it was revealed he as had his license suspended a whopping 81 times.

And how about this Pennsylvania man? Due to multiple violations, his license has been suspended for the next 56 years. He won't be driving until the year 2076, if he's even still alive at that point?

And of course, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell you about this nice little story. In 2013, a Bay Shore man with 50 suspensions was arrested. No big deal, right? Recognize the shirt he's wearing? Yes, that t-shirt he's wearing is from our very own sister station, WRRV, which is right down the hall. A Long Island man sporting some local colors for all to see. We are all very proud.

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