Okay, we know we are in desperate need of school bus drivers here in New York and across the nation. Now can the ones that we do have currently driving please stay awake? And by staying awake behind the wheel, we should probably add getting blasted while on the job is no way to go through life. One driver from the state is finding out the hard way, as she is accused of Driving While Intoxicated with a bus full of kids.

NBC is reporting that the says the 29-year-old was found slumped over asleep behind the wheel of the bus Monday afternoon. Nassau County police says the school bus operator was clearly intoxicated when officers arrived to the scene in Hempstead, NY that day. Officials did not go into too many other details, but said there were multiple clues that booze was present. Police did not indicate just how long she was allegedly snoozing in the driver seat.

The good news is that no kids were injured and they've all been reunited with their parents.

The timing of this driver's alleged booze cruise couldn't be worse, In fact, one school was so desperate for transport to get their kids back and forth they had to use a party bus that's usually designated for more adult-like entertainment. Newsweek is reporting that an 11th grade English teacher had to use a last minute alternative for a school bus trip when their original plan fell through. In this case, the high school students boarded a full-scale party bus, complete with stripper poles and LED lighting. The teacher posted a pic of the students on board their unique vessel September 17, gaining tens of thousands of likes on Twitter.

The teacher said the trip was a phenomenal experience and that the students didn't mind the unorthodox voyage.

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