Forgive us father, for we have sinned.

Time to Repent

WalletHub recently released the list for the most sinful states in the country, and while we're not #1 overall (I'll get to them in a second), we are the worst state for one specific "deadly sin".

Shalone Cason/Unsplash
Shalone Cason/Unsplash

Wait, What?

Before we get to our transgression, let's break down this research, because last time I checked, WalletHub isn't a member of the clergy. They did however, use specific metrics to determine their list.

For the sins of "anger and hatred" (where Arkansas took the top spot), they looked at stats like the amount of violent crimes and sex offenders per capita. They also included research on negative internet comments that originated in the state, as well as the amount of filed discrimination cases. For the sin of jealousy (Nevada was #1), theft statistics as well as fraud cases were used. Similar research was put into lust (Texas), greed (Nevada again), and laziness (West Virginia). So far New York hasn't topped a list, but there is one sin for which New York allegedly leads the pack.

Apparently the Big Apple has a few sins up its sleeve (Unsplash)
Apparently the Big Apple has a few sins up its sleeve (Unsplash)

What's in the Box?!?

According to the research, the serial killer from the movie Se7en would cut off our collective nose, because our home state came in first for Vanity. I'll explain the details in a sec, I just have to check my hair real quick.

How We "Won"

Some of the metrics used are understandable, but some seem downright unfair. Beauty salons per capita was a top stat in their calculation, which, come on, are we vain or do we just have too many talented hairdressers? Are we really gonna keep them from following their dreams just to stay on the universe's good side?

Internet searches for plastic surgery carried equal weight, which makes a little more sense. I drive by more than a few billboards on my way to work advertising various procedures that make me scratch my (perfectly styled) head. They also included how much money a single household uses on what they call "personal care products". Does that include stuff like soap and shampoo? Because I refuse to apologize for being the most hygienic state.

Do you repent?

Overall, New York state came in thirteenth, which I would say is pretty damn (excuse my language) good considering that we are the 4th most populous state in the country. I'm pretty sure that means we're actually one of the more heavenly states, considering that the 3 larger ones, California, Texas, and Florida, were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on the sin list, respectively. Nevada, perhaps unsurprisingly, came in 1st. So rejoice! They might try and keep us down by knocking our barbers and body wash purchases, but we really all deserve a halo.

That being said, some of our worst sins are below.

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