How can this be?

Suffolk County police say they arrested a man in Oakdale, N.Y. who's had his drivers license suspended eighty one times. What's even harder to believe is the man is only 21 years-old.

The NY Times says the arrest happened Wednesday on the Sunrise Highway.

Now you may be asking yourself how does one have their license taken away that many times? A police spokeswoman says suspensions happen after the driver fails to pay fines or appear in court to answer charges. So according to the Times, an unpaid summon would lead to another suspension.

You'd think he'd pay up or at least report to court at this point?

Stuff like this happens more often than you think. In 2016, a man was pulled over in the Broome County town of Barker who's license had been yanked fifty seven times. He also had twenty separate revocations.

Some have had their licenses suspended over one hundred times.

Now this particular story from 2013 hit close to home for us here at WPDH. Here, a Bay Shore man was nabbed with fifty suspensions. What was so "touching" was the t-shirt he happened to be wearing in the arrest photo that was posted all over Newsday. 

Yup, that's our sister station down the hall, WRRV. What are the chances a man from Long Island would just happen to be wearing a shirt for a radio station in the Hudson Valley? Thanks for the free press!