How on Earth does something like this happen? Talk about bad luck. Well, if you thought your day was bad, at least you're not this poor gentleman.

The NY Post says that a Staten Island man was just simply cleaning out his front yard koi pond on a Tuesday afternoon. The weather was beautiful, so it sounds like the perfect day to get some chores done. What could go wrong? In this case, a lot.

Somehow the man fell head-first into the pond and got himself stuck for almost 30 minutes. The man later told the NY Post that he got himself stuck inside a rock pond, which is connected to a drainage ditch. For comparison, the drainage area is about eight feet, according to this very unlucky man.

There is no word from officials what the man did to pass the time before help arrived.

At some point, the man's wife heard him yelling for help. Firefighters arrived soon after to find the man stuck head-first in the pond, with his feet standing straight up in the air, according to an FDNY spokesman. The spokesperson told the Post:

[Th]is isn’t something you see every day.

The story has a happy ending though, as the man was able to drain the pond before he decided to take a dip. So, in this case, there was no risk for drowning and he was able to get himself out eventually. He also didn't suffer any injuries. Probably just a lot of embarrassment.

There are actually more cases of koi pond accidents than you may think. In 2016, a hotel manager and firefighters had to rescue a man in Oregon after he slipped and fell into a pond with 42 degree water. And then there was the infamous episode of The Office, where Dunder Mifflin boss Micheal Scott suffered an embarrassing plunge into a koi pond, that was all caught in glorious fashion by a surveillance camera.

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