The simple serenity of a New York bagel shop was suddenly shattered Wednesday morning after a disgruntled man threw a raging fit in public. The reason for the outburst, according to witnesses, is even more random and bizarre.

Olivia Shea/Twitter
Olivia Shea/Twitter

A video of the meltdown was taken on Twitter by another customer and has now gone viral all over the internet.

Angry Man at New York Bagel Shop Becomes Viral Hit 

The NY Post is reporting that the man launched into the tirade at a Bay Shore Bagel Boss location after a female employee smiled at him, The man, however, felt the smile was not really sincere and was intended to mock his short stature.

The man in question is only 5 feet tall.

Why is it OK for women to say, ‘Oh you’re 5 feet’ on dating sites — you should be dead. That’s OK?

Everywhere I go I get the same f*****g smirk with the biting lip...

The man only became more enraged after several customers attempted to calm him down. One male customer can be heard saying something to the enraged man, only for the man to confront him and even challenge him to step outside and fight.

Finally, another male customer has seen and heard enough and tackles the potential South pole elf after the tirade had gone on for almost a minute.

WARNING: Video contains NSFW language.

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