Someone might want to tell this guy this line is only for emergencies?

The NY Post is reporting that police were called to an apartment on West 58th Street in Manhattan after a man says he saw an eagle grab a pigeon. The 63 year-old man said he had heard a loud noise out on the terrace, and when he went to investigate was mortified to find an eagle clutching a doomed pigeon with its talons.

Apparently the eagle decided to make a meal out of the pigeon. The Post says the concerned man first called the building's concierge in attempt to get rid of the eagle. Then, three NYPD officers arrived and tried to save the pigeon by hitting their batons against the glass. This did not distract the eagle who just sat there and stared at the officers like nothing had happened.

After a while, the eagle figured that lunch was ruined by all the noise and decided to finally fly off. The NYPD says the eagle's talon got trapped in a fence as it tried to fly away, but was rescued.

The pigeons (yes, a second pigeon was discovered on the terrace) were not so lucky. Of course large birds-of-prey, such as eagles or hawks, can often be seen scooping up unsuspecting animals like rats or pigeons all over the city. Why this guy decided to call the cops on an eagle enjoying a meal is beyond anyone's guess.