As the Centers for Disease Control begin to ease their mask recommendations, we go back to a few months ago when cases of Omicron were on the rise. That is when this particular story took place. The ophthalmologist was told by a business owner to please put on a mask when they entered the premises. The eye doc refused. Now, he is filing a federal lawsuit against the business for a quarter of a million dollars.

His reasoning is a bit curious. Also, did we mention that the business in question is a butcher shop?

WNYT says that Dr. David Kwiat went to Primal butcher shop in Saratoga Springs, New York when he was asked to put a mask on. Kwiat says that face masks are a medical device. The employees of the butcher shop don't have a license to practice medicine. So, when they force you to put on a face mask, they are, in a sense, practicing medicine without a license. Dr. Kwiat wants $250,000.

Kwiat claims intentional deprivation of his rights by refusing to serve him if he didn't wear the mask,

He also claims there is a conspiracy between the state of New York and this butcher shop from upstate.

While the doctor will more than likely lose this case, the owners of Primal stand to lose money through the legal fees they have to pay to fight the suit. And if he wins, they're out 250K. The Director of Operations at Primal told WNYT that for Kwiat to come for a small business for something that was not their decision is deplorable.

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