A New York amusement park ride malfunctioned this week, causing paramedics to be called to assist riders.

The Silver Bullet is supposed to leave riders screaming in delight, but this weekend the ride had visitors screaming in terror as it wildly swung, seemingly out of control.

WGRZ reported on the scene at Darien Lake Amusement Park in Western New York after cellphone video was posted of the ride not doing what it's supposed to. The giant wheel was moving slower than usual, and the gondolas attached to it were swinging wildly.  As the ride was slowly shut down, riders were greeted by paramedics who attended to injuries from the apparent malfunction of the ride.

After the tragedy in Ohio this summer when a ride malfunctioned at a local fair, amusement park visitors have been more alert.

The ride was inspected and reopened. It's unclear what caused the problem and the park gave no explanation for why it did not operate properly.